The Estates NFT


Upgrading your Estate is taking an Estate to the next level, with more assets on display, a bigger floorplan, greater $EQUITY generation, and increased rarity. To achieve this, you will need 2 Estates of the same level, as well as the requisite amount of $EQUITY to Upgrade. The Upgrading process will then burn and demolish these two Estate NFTs, along with the requisite $EQUITY, and immediately airdrop you a next-level NFT, which, when created by The Estates team, will allow you to refresh your metadata to reveal your next level Estate NFT Render and Blueprint.
Your Upgraded Estate will be bigger, grander and more diverse than before. Assets displayed will be chosen based on highest rarity from the two lower-level Estate NFTs. In the case of two assets being of the same rarity, the trait that will be displayed will be random. In addition, all non-displayed traits will still be attached to your new, higher-level, Estate NFT and can be selected for display by Renovating, more below.
In addition, there will be many hidden traits that will only reveal themselves at higher levels. Wondering what the purpose of that random item is in your garden? Just wait and see, nothing is by chance in this project…