The Estates NFT


Renovating is a process whereby you exchange $EQUITY to modify or redecorate the internals and external assets of your Estate, producing a whole new additional Blueprint, attached to the original NFT.
The Renovation process is not fully automated. As discussed in the Upgrade section, during an Upgrade, asset selection will be based on a defined script that automatically selects the most rare assets to display. The Renovation process is performed manually by The Estates team to accommodate the Homeowner’s personal desires and wishes for which assets they wish to display. Selections will be made through a simple questionnaire, which will determine the Homeowner’s preference for displayed assets. The Renovated Blueprint will then be generated and accessible from the Blueprints page on the website.
The Homeowner will not lose their existing 3D model(s) or Blueprints of their Estate when Renovating. The same original Blueprint will always be displayed with your Estate on Opensea or LooksRare, however, the Homeowner will now have an additional 3D model that can be accessed alongside their other models for download from the Blueprints page. This means that a Homeowner may possess a number of different layouts for each Estate NFT they own, fit for whatever purpose they desire.