The Estates NFT

Generating $EQUITY

$EQUITY will be generated in a non-linear fashion, with each subsequent Upgrade receiving >2x the previous level (remembering that it takes 2 previous level Estate NFTs to be Demolished, Fused and Upgraded).
While subject to change pre-mint, the rate of $EQUITY generation is set to be as follows:
Lvl.1: <value> $EQUITY per day Lvl.2: 2.4 x Lvl.1 $EQUITY per day Lvl.3: 2.5 x Lvl.2 $EQUITY per day Lvl.4: 2.6 x Lvl.3 $EQUITY per day
This means that, with compounding interest, a Lvl.4 produces 15.6x the value of a Lvl.1 Estate, with a real value of 1.95x per Lvl.1 Estate (as 8x Lvl.1s were needed for the 1x Lvl.4).