The Estates NFT

Welcome to The Estates, I'm Knot

KnotAnArtist is a real person!
Well, KnotAnArtist, or Jaden, but let’s stick with Knot. My professional background is mixed and varied. During my first year of University in 2011, 3 friends I started the Bitcoin exchange TradeHill, which, for a time, was the second biggest Bitcoin exchange in the world.
After finishing my education at the Australian National University and Yale University, I began my career of an Engineer of many hats. I went from making 2m*2m*1.5m coffee machines that use the same mechanical arms that build cars in the Toyota factories to make Barista-grade coffee, to managing the search engine and internal database of the entire Australian Defence Force by myself, and have now stepped away from this life to work full-time on The Estates.
I have always stayed involved and engages in the crypto community, and when NFTs started to gain popularity I followed their progression as well. Seeing the familiar trend NFTs are following in relation to the early days of Bitcoin, I firmly believe they are going to play a big part in our future and are at only a fraction of their potential market-cap. I first began in October 2021, investing in VX NFT called Apes3D, and was immediately impressed by the reveal party in Decentraland, yet suprised that location was little better than a 4-walled warehouse. This led to the beginning of the concept for The Estates, which officially began production on November 30, 2021.
Here, at The Estates, we are looking to push the boundaries of utility that can be provided by an NFT, not 6 months or 2 years down the track, but beginning at launch. That is why we have been building, in multiple senses of the word, for over 6 months now. We are a big team from diverse backgrounds, and at last count, there are 30 paid staff including Architects, Urban Designers, Engineers, Developers, Artists, Full-Time Degens, and Web3 Experts from Australia, Canada, the USA, Lithuania, Colombia, Turkey, and Egypt.
The whole team is fully doxed internally, some key members are doxed publicly also. Our goal here is simple: we want to give our Homeowners a Sense of Space in the Metaverse; a home, an office, a gallery, or a party pad. We don’t want to just spectate in the Metaverse, we’re here to Build.
TLDR; Early on Bitcoins. Was Engineer, now NFT Builder. Fully Doxxed 30 person team. NFTs big part of future. The Estates = awesome and innovative, Sense of Space in the Metaverse.