The Estates NFT

The NFT Itself

The Estate NFT will consist of multiple parts. There is the high-quality rendered, orthographic view of the 3D model, which will serve as the “display picture” .jpeg when The Estates NFT is viewed on OpenSea, LooksRare, etc., or as part of the collection or a personal wallet.
The NFT itself will be a .glb file, showing a fully 360-degree rotating 3D model of The Estate in all of its glory, showcasing the full Estate, Garden, front yard, back yard, all walls, everything. This is to show the full extent of the 3D asset and Estate NFT, not just a constrained orthographic render where the rest is left up to the imagination.
In addition, there are the 3D models of your Estate, or “Blueprints”, that can be downloaded by signing in with your wallet on The Estates website, and then uploaded to any compatible metaverse, VR and/or AR environment. More information about Blueprints will be included later in this document.