The Estates NFT

Script Development

Grasshopper script developed for Japan theme
The Estates have been building behind the scenes since mid-December. Part of what makes the Estates different is that they are not built in a vacuum.
The Estates NFTs are built using a highly complex, fully developed Grasshopper script that takes a series of assets as the input, applies textures to them, randomizes how they are combined based on a rarity scale, and then produces a fully-wrapped 3D file and render as the output. What this means is that by simply modifying the input assets and the 3D output filetype, The Estates can integrate with any currently existing or future metaverse based on poly-count, format or otherwise. This also applies to integration in virtual and augmented reality environments.
There are more than 4 billion possible combinations of assets per theme. So yes, every Estate will be uniquely different.