The Estates NFT


1) Script development

The Estates have been building behind the scenes since mid-December. Part of what makes the Estates different is that they are not built in a vacuum.
The Estates NFTs are built using a highly complex, fully developed Grasshopper script that takes a series of assets as the input, applies textures to them, randomises how they are combined based on a rarity scale, and then produces a fully-wrapped 3D file and render as the output. What this means is that by simply modifying the input assets and the 3D output filetype, The Estates can integrate with any currently existing or future metaverse based on poly-count, format or otherwise. This also applies to integration in virtual and augmented reality environments.
There are more than 4 billion possible combinations of assets per theme. So yes, every Estate will be uniquely different.

2) Development of Assets

Development of Assets has already been largely completed, and production of 3D files and renders began in April. The Estates collection includes more than 500 different assets and textures, all with their own metadata, so your rarity tools should have their work cut out for them. Every one of these assets was produced by hand, from scratch, by our team.

3) Blueprints & Staking

Welcome Home. You now have the opportunity to become part of the neighbourhood as a Homeowner on Mint Day, currently targeted for late-June to mid-July. Minting an Estate gives you immediate access to the NFT’s unique 3D Blueprint file, which already integrates with a number of metaverses, AR and VR environments. Active staking will allow you to generate $EQUITY, with minting straight into the staking contract available with additional added benefits.

4) $EQUITY & The Shopping Mall

$EQUITY will be the token and currency of The Estates. The only way to obtain $EQUITY is to actively stake an Estate. $EQUITY opens up a host of exciting possibilities for an Estate holder.
The Shopping Mall is a first-of-its-kind Marketplace. WLs for emerging projects, Upgrades to your Estates, internal asset layouts, and individual assets will be on display and available for purchase with $EQUITY, directly from showrooms in a host of virtual stores.[1]

5) Metaverse Integration

Innovation is at the heart of The Estates. High-poly, low-poly and voxel variants, to meet the requirements of a host of metaverses, will be made available via the marketplace to Homeowners, purchasable with $EQUITY.[2]
Currently, the “Baseline” output model, produced by the Grasshopper script, is a mid-poly .glb file, which natively integrates with a host of environments. The .glb filetype is widely considered as the “Gold Standard” for 3D files. This will allow for rapid modification for low-poly and high-poly variants to integrate with Decentraland, Somnium Space and NetVRk, for example.
Environments currently targeted include: Decentraland, The Sandbox*, NFT Worlds*, NetVRk, Somnium Space, The Otherside, Meta, Mozilla Spoke, Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine 5, Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive, Android, Windows and iOS.
*Requires alternate output file-type and independent development of assets

6) Internal Renovations

Renovating an Estate will allow a Homeowner to modify their Estate to fit their taste, style and need.
Internal Renovations will allow the Homeowner to decorate and design the internals of their Estate with curated 3D files, including full themed layouts, as well as individual assets, purchasable for $EQUITY from the Shopping Mall. Have a business meeting with your colleagues on Monday, want to do an art show of your NFTs on Wednesday, and have a crazy party on Friday? This is totally feasible with 3 different Internal Renovations showcasing different elements of your Estate.
It's almost like designing a home in The Sims, but in the metaverse!

7) VR App & AR Phone App

Want to interact with your Estate IRL? We do too! The Estates were never meant to live in 2D, and preliminary tests have already revealed promising results when integrating The Estates 3D files with virtual and augmented reality environments. Future development will include an AR app that is available on your phone, as well as integration with Oculus Quest 2 and HTC Vive VR headsets, so that you can enjoy your Estate anywhere, from a projection on your desk to a fully immersive 3D experience. [3] [4] [5] [6]

8) The Estates Merch & 3D Printing

Homeowners will have access to exclusive merch drops. The Estates are currently in talks with an established famous streetwear designer, watch this space!
Here at The Estates, we want your Estate to be accessible everywhere, and we mean everywhere! While we can’t build a full-sized Estate for you, we can facilitate a to-scale, highly detailed 3D printed model, mailed directly to your doorstep IRL.

9) Upgrading

Homeowners can now Upgrade their Estates using $EQUITY. Upgrading your Estate will produce a bigger, rarer Lvl.2 Estate by fusing and burning two lvl.1 Estates. The upgraded Estate displays only the rarest assets of the fused Estates.
Want a Mansion? Don’t we all! Upgrading will be rolling out in stages, good things take time to build. The final upgrade will be to a Lvl.4 Mansion, which you can bet will draw an envious stare from your neighbours, as they stand in the shade of the grandest of all Estates.

10) External Renovations

External Renovations will be available from Lvl.2 Estates onwards. The Homeowner will be able to select which assets from the fused Estates they wish to display, not just the rarest only. This means that if you prefer a different layout, or texture, or Garden asset than what was displayed on your Upgraded Estate, you can choose to have that option displayed, all purchasable for a flat $EQUITY fee. Once complete, your Renovated Estate will be accessible as a downloadable 3D file from the Blueprints page, ready for metaverse integration.

11) Metaverse Collaboration and Development

The Estates are the first open market for real estate in the metaverse. Post integration, The Estates are in preliminary talks with multiple existing, and emerging, metaverses, to redefine what “Home” can mean in Web3. [7]

12) The Showroom Community Driven Asset Marketplace

The Showroom will be an extension of the Shopping Mall, where curated community developed assets[8] [9] will be made available to Homeowners, purchasable with $EQUITY. These assets will fully integrate into the internals of your Estate, with the Community Creators taking a healthy cut of the royalties.

13) Future Collections & Development

Future collections are planned for The Estates. Homeowners will have priority access to presale spots for all future projects and collections. Themes for the 2nd collection will be <redacted>, additional features for Homeowners including <redacted> will become available and $EQUITY can be used to <redacted>.